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Diwali has special significance in Jainism. Mahavira, the last of the Tirthankar of this era, attained Nirvana on this day at Pavapuri on 15 October 527 BCE, on Kartik Krishna Amavasya. According to the Kalpasutra by Acharya Bhadrabahu, 3rd century BC, many gods were present there, illuminating the darkness. Therefore, Jains celebrate Diwali as a day of remembering Mahavira. On Diwali morning, Nirvan Ladoo is offered after praying to Mahavira in all Jain temples all across the world. Gautam Gandhar Swami, the chief disciple of Mahavira achieved omniscience(Kevala Gyan) later the same day. Later this festival got borrowed into Buddhism. Buddhists celebrate Diwali as day when Buddha attained Nirvana. As usual, this festival also got later absorbed into Hinduism. Hindu Brahmins then cooked up stories telling its the day when Krishna killed Narakasura and Rama returned to Ayodhya. Some Hindus worship Laxmi Devi during Diwali. Originally, Diwali is a day when people light lamps at evening. But after only Indo-Chinese business relations got strengthened - the use of firecrackers got introduced by Chinese to Indians and bursting of crackers became a habitual routine of Diwali.

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