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Interview Preparation for SQL & PL/SQL

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 You can Study SQL & PL/SQL using this forum you can also revise your knowledge using this forum & you can also prepare for your Interview using this forum kindly note there are interview questions with answer in this forum check for interview question in the index below for the same. 

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SQL Server / Oracle SQL

 SQL Introduction 

 SQL Syntax 

 SQL Select 

 SQL Insert 

 SQL Update 

 SQL Delete 

 SQL Joins 

 SQL Inner Join

 SQL Outer Join

 SQL Left Join

 SQL Right Join

 SQL Self Join

 SQL Equi Joins

 SQL Join Using Multiple Tables

 SQL Full Join

 SQL Explicit vs. Implicit Joins 

 SQL Group By 

 Null Values in SQL Group By

 SQL Having 

 SQL - IN 


 Functional Dependencies 


 ACID Properties 

 SQL SubQueries

 SQL Views 

 Insert, Update, Delete Views

 SQL Join Views 

 SQL Inline Views 

 SQL - Nth Highest Salary

 SQL Second Highest Salary 

 SQL - Difference Truncate / Delete 

 SQL - Difference Truncate / Drop 

 SQL - Difference HAVING / WHERE 

 SQL - Difference CAST / CONVERT 

 SQL - Difference NOT IN / NOT EXIST 

 SQL - Difference IN / EXISTS 

 SQL - Difference UNION / UNION ALL 

 SQL - Difference Nested / Correlated Subquery 







 SQL - Difference views / Materialized views 

 SQL Count 

 SQL Update 

 SQL Clustered / Non-Clustered Indexes 

 SQL - Delete Duplicate Records 

 SQL - Difference Unique/Primary Key 





 SQL - Convert() 

 SQL - SUM() 

 SQL - AVG() 

 SQL - MIN() 

 SQL - MAX() 

 SQL - Insert Into Select 

 SQL - Insert Multiple Values In Table 

 SQL - Referential Integrity 

 SQL - Not Null Constraint

 SQL - Unique Constraint 

 SQL - Primary Key Constraint 

 SQL - Foreign Key Constraint 

 SQL - Default Constraint 

 SQL - Check Constraint 



 SQL - Difference between Rollup / Cube


 SQL - Count_Big 

 SQL - Binary_Checksum 

 SQL - Checksum_AGG 

 SQL - Index Include 

 SQL - Covered Query 

 SQL - Identity 

 SQL - sp_columns

 SQL - Diff Local/Global Temporary Tables 

 SQL - Stored Procedure 

 SQL - sp_who 

 SQL - Session 

 SQL - Dynamic SQL

 SQL - SQL Server Execution Plan 

 SQL - sp_executesql 

 SQL - Difference Execute/Execute() 

 SQL - Case Expression 

 SQL - XML Variable Example

 SQL - Pivot 

 SQL - Merge 

 Example of Merge Output Clause 

 SQL - Compute / Compute by 


 SQL Coalesce 

 SQL - Import Data into SQL Server Table 

 SQL - Delete Duplicate Records in SQL Server Table 

 SQL - Delete Duplicate Rows

 SQL - Check If a Column Exists in SQL Server Table

 SQL - Has_perms_by_name 

 SQL - Difference between Logins / Users 

 SQL - Diff between Table Variable/Temp Table 


 SQL - Find Primary Key / Foreign Key in Table 

 SQL - Sequence 

 SQL - Columnstore Indexes 

 SQL - Difference Primary / Candidate Key 

 SQL - Throw 

 SQL - Difference GUID / INT

 SQL Server 2012 Enhancements 

 SQL - Diff between Cross Join / Full Outer Join 


 SQL - Object Dependencies 

 SQL - Email Reminder on Updating Table 

 SQL - Object Definition 

 SQL Server - Report Builder 3 

 SQL Server - User Defined Roles 

 SQL Server - Filetables 

 SQL Server - Contained Databases 

 SQL Server - Update from Select 

 SQL Server - XML Methods 

 SQL Server - Add a Column to Table 

 SQL Server - Insert Multiple Rows 

 SQL Server - Add Identity Column to Table 

 SQL Server - Indexes 

 SQL Server - Diff Functions / Stored Procedures 

 SQL - Comparison Operators Any / All 

 SQL - Difference Primary / Foreign Key 

 SQL - Difference Replace / Stuff 


 SQL - Intersect

 SQL Server - Local Variables

 SQL Server - Update with Join 

 SQL Server - Difference Merge / Hash Join 

 SQL Server - Difference Update / Exclusive Lock 

 SQL Server - Difference Instance / Database 

 SQL Server - Difference Datetime2 / Datetime 

 SQL Server - Difference Disable / Drop Indexes 

 SQL Server - Difference Decimal / Float 

 SQL Server - DATEDIFF with Examples 

 SQL Server - Difference Raiserror / Throw 

 SQL Server - Query Excel Using Linked Server 

 SQL Server - WaitFor 

 SQL Server - Difference Rank, Dense_Rank & Row_Number 

 SQL Server - PATINDEX Examples 

 SQL Server - COLLATE Examples 

 SQL Server - Difference CHAR / VARCHAR 

 SQL Server - Interview Questions for Testers 

 SQL Interview Questions 

 SQL Join Interview Questions


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